Buy The Fred Perrin Self Defense Wallets

Self defense expert, Fred Perrin develops a simple yet, effective leather wallet for self defense. Featuring the Fred Perrin Sap wallet which is available at available for a hefty prize of $50 plus shipping.

These would cost a lot of money however, it is well designed to hold coins, ID and credit cards and protect you from the bad guys. These are legal to carry anywhere. Instead of using it to carry coins you could also use ball bearings and solid metals for better impact to strike your opponent with.

Watch Fred Perrin as he demonstrates the Sap Wallet in action:

The Self Defense Bracelets By Fred Perrin

French Commando, Knife maker and martial artist, Fred Perrin shows us how to use his very own designed Self Defense bracelet in action. The Fred Perrin Self Defense are now out of stock and won't be available anywhere anymore but, I do believe that you could use similar styled bracelets that you might have and repeat the same drills and technique in order to defend yourself wherever and whenever danger strikes.

The Kimura Mousetrap

One of the best Grappling legends in the planet, Lloyd Irvin. Demonstrates the mousetrap technique for getting a Kimura submission. This will improve your grappling game and will leave your opponents stunned.

Watch Pan Jiu-jitsu Championships 2010

Catch the exclusive and free coverage of the 2010 Pan Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championships live at the Bren Events Center at the University of California, Irvine, April 11, 2010.

Watch it here at: 

Keep posted for more updates.

Buy Hayabusa Ashi MMA Foot Grips

Hayabusa, makers of quality MMA equipment presents another first in the MMA scene. Featuring  the Hayabusa Ashi MMA Foot Grips which has excellent foot and ankle support to maximize foot movement speed, agility and traction for your best performance in the cage,ring or training mat.

The Hayabusa foot grips are available n two (2) sizes, S/M and L/XL. This has led to some confusion as the grips themselves come labeled as only either S or L.

The size S/M will arrive labeled simply as "S" and a size X/L will be labeled "L".

Get yours today via the secured website by following the link below: Priced at $ 39.95 USD

Hayabusa Ashi MMA Foot Grips

Also available on Ebay via the widget below:

The Bas Rutten Signature Neck Crank

One of the most well loved personalities in MMA, Bas Rutten shares his signature submission (Neck Crank) that is so effective and almost impossible to escape. I like the way he teaches a technique always keep in mind that the key to a successful victory "Position before subimission".